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Information Systems and Technology Requirements

Information systems (IS) are of vital importance to organizations and IS professionals fill key roles such as systems analysts and designers, database administrators, network administrators, cybersecurity officers, web designers, project managers, software testers, and technical writers. They think strategically about selecting, deploying and utilizing information technology for organizational efficiency and competitive advantage. The B.S. in IS program provides students with a foundation in both the functional areas of business and in computing technologies. This unique blend enables graduates to appreciate the strategic role of technology, formulate a vision for IS, and communicate that vision to stakeholders. Students are prepared to pursue both technical and managerial careers incorporating leading edge technologies in public and private organizations. Related Minors include Cybersecurity, Accounting, and Digital Marketing Communications.

The requirements for a B.S. in IS include the  general education requirements, the  business course requirements and 21-24 hours in IS as specified below. All classes must have a grade of C- or better to be eligible. Students may not take more than 24 hours in IS counted toward the 120 hours necessary for graduation.  Download the  Four-Year Study Plan.

Required Core Course:
  • INFSYS 2800: Information Systems Concepts And Applications
A student must complete 7 courses (21 hours) as specified below.
Programming/Requirement (6 hours):
  • INFSYS 3806: Mgrl. Appl. of Object Oriented Programming I
  • INFSYS 3816: Mgrl. Appl. of Object Oriented Programming II
Core Courses (12 hours):
  • INFSYS 3810: Information Systems Analysis
  • INFSYS 3842: Data Networks and Security
  • INFSYS 3845: Database Management
  • INFSYS 4850: Information Systems Design

INFSYS Electives: A student must complete two courses (6 hours) from the following including at least one (INFSYS) course at the 3000/4000-level:

  • INFSYS 3807: Legacy Systems
  • INFSYS 3815: Object-Oriented Applications in Business
  • INFSYS 3841: Enterprise Information Systems
  • INFSYS 3842: Data Networks and Security
  • INFSYS 3843: Decision Support Systems for Business Intelligence
  • INFSYS 3844: Developing Business Applications in .NET
  • INFSYS 3846: E-Commerce
  • INFSYS 3847: Web Design
  • INFSYS 3848: Security and Information Systems
  • INFSYS 3858: Advanced Security and Information Systems
  • INFSYS 3868: Secure Software Development
  • INFSYS 3878: Information Security Risk Management and Business Continuity
  • ACCTNG 3421: Accounting Information Systems
  • FINANCE 3503: Computer Applications in Finance
  • MKTG 3722: Social Media Marketing
  • CMP SCI 4020: Introduction to Android Apps: Android Fundamentals
  • CMP SCI 4222: iOS Apps
  • CMP SCI 4300: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • CMP SCI 4700: Computer Forensics
  • CMP SCI 4750: Introduction to Cloud Computing

Seminars and Independent Studies are restricted to those offered by and approved by the Department Faculty and approved by the Department Chair. These may be taken multiple times.

  • INFSYS 3890: Internship in Information Systems
  • INFSYS 3898: Seminar in Information Systems Management
  • INFSYS 3899: Independent Study In Information Systems

Note: By choosing appropriate electives, students can earn the undergraduate certificate or undergraduate minor in cybersecurity simultaneously with the BSIS.
Degree Requirements are SUBJECT TO CHANGE. 
Check with your advisor for the latest updates.