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Minor Requirements - Information Systems

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Effective Fall 2018

1. Required Core Course

Inf Sys 2800
2. Four elective courses (from the following list). At least three of the courses must be 3000-level IS courses.
Inf Sys 3806: Mgrl. Appl. of Object Oriented Programming I
Inf Sys 3810: Information Systems Analysis
Inf Sys 3816: Mgrl. Appl. of Object Oriented Programming II
Inf Sys 3841: Enterprise Information Systems
Inf Sys 3842: Management of Telecommunications 
Inf Sys 3843: Business Intelligence
Inf Sys 3844: Developing Business Applications in .NET
Inf Sys 3845: Database Management Systems
Inf Sys 3846: e-Commerce
Inf Sys 3847: Web Design
Inf Sys 3848: Security and Information Systems
Acct 3421: Computer Applications in Accounting
Fin 3503: Computer Applications in Finance
Mktg 3721: Marketing and the Internet
Inf Sys 4850: Information Systems Design
CS 2700: Computer Systems: Architecture And Organization 
CS 4760: Operating Systems 
CS 4300: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence 
Seminars and Independent Studies are restricted to those offered by and approved by the Department Faculty and approved by the Department Chair.
    Inf Sys 3899: Business Administration Problems/Seminar
    Inf Sys 3898: Independent Study
Minor Requirements are SUBJECT TO CHANGE. 
Check with your advisor for the latest updates.

A new Minor in Cybersecurity is now available: http://cybersecurity.umsl.edu/