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Where do people graduating from this program get jobs?

That is a hard question to answer because our graduates have a wide variety of jobs. To get an overview, though, you can look at the list of companies from which we have mentors and you can look at the newly created Alumni Directory.

How long does it take to complete the IS program?

That depends on how many classes you take each semester. Full time undergraduate students should be able to finish the B.S. in IS in 4 years. Full time graduate students should be able to finish the M.S. in IS in 1-2 years, depending upon their undergraduate degree.

Should I get a degree in Information Systems or in Computer Science?

That depends on what you want to do after college. A useful resource is Careers in Computer Science and Information Systems.

Why should I consider a minor? 

There are two minors which students find particularly useful, the minor in Supply Chain and Analytics and the minor in Computer Science. Each of these minors allows you to pursue a kind of appi>

How many extra classes does it take to complete a minor?

Depending on which minor you take it could only be a couple additional classes. For specific information go to the Business minors or the minor in Computer Science page.

What is the Advanced IS Lab?

Check out our site: Advanced IS Lab. It is a restricted use lab.

How do I get access to this Lab?

If you are registered in an advanced IS course, you will be added automatically. If you add the class late, or for some reason are not included, complete the access-request form.

What is my username and password for the Advanced IS lab?

Your username and password are your Gateway ID and password, just like in any other lab on campus.

How do I check for grades or register for classes on-line? 

Use MyView!

What is the Mentoring Program?

The Mentoring Program is sponsored by the faculty to bring together students with alumni and other IS/IT practitioners in the St. Louis community. The goal of the program is to help students network with people who have "already been through it" as a way of getting good advice about careers, education and jobs. Check out the Mentoring Site for more information.

What is the ISPC?

The ISPC is the Information Systems Programming Club. Its goal is to provide students with hands-on demonstrations of new technologies that go beyond what is available in their coursework. For more information, check out the ISPC website.

What is the ListServ?

For more information go to the ListServ web page.

How do I learn about job opportunities or scholarships?

Signup for the ListServ. All announcements are made there.

What is an independent study? and How can I be eligible to take one?

An independent study is a project, which you and a instructor create. It is up to the student to keep in touch with the instructor and make sure that the project gets completed. To be eligible for an independent study you must have the support of a faculty member, and have the project reviewed and accepted by the area coordinator.