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The Board commits to an annual Board-Student Project on a topic that is of interest to the majority of the Board membership. Students are expected to make a presentation to the Board, and create a white paper. Below are the white papers the students created.

2008-1: Visualization of Regional Relationship Data
     Board Sponsor: Ray Creely
     Student: Srikanth Mudigonda
2005-1: The Role of Technology in Homeland Security
     Board Sponsor: Michael VanVooren
     Student: Brian Danis

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2004-1: Patch Management
     Board Sponsors: Margaret Shoptaw and Gary Obernuefemann
     Students: Brian Middendorf and Sarah Middendorf

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2004-2: Knowledge Management

     Board Sponsor: Dick Navarro
     Students: Stephanie Cline, Chris Hinsch, Isabelle Mertha, and Melissa Thompson

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2004-3: Knowledge Management: Theory vs. Practice

     Board Sponsor: Dick Navarro
     Students: Mike Grubb, Daniel Hollander, Shawn Lamper, Dan Pekny and Beth Wohlert



2003-1: Database Performance Study
     Board Sponsors: Sue Mitchell
     Students: François Charvet and Ashish Pande

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