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The Master of Science in Information Systems (MSIS) program prepares students for information technology leadership roles through a unique blend of coursework that provides specialized technical expertise as well as broad business domain knowledge. Rigorous training in systems analysis and design, software development, database and network management, project management, information security and business intelligence enables students to pursue a wide range of career options and think strategically about selecting, deploying and utilizing information technology for competitive advantage. MSIS students benefit from a distinctive mentoring program that pairs students with alumni mentors. Students make valuable professional connections and learn about information systems beyond the classroom through active student clubs. Students also have the opportunity to collaborate with nationally ranked research faculty who continually discover and analyze the best practices in information systems management. The program accomodates students with undergraduate degrees in IS, business, and computer science, as well as students with undergraduate degrees outside business and IS.

The program may require as few as 30 hours for students with undergraduate business degrees from AACSB accredited institutions. Students with no academic business background will be required to take additional credit hours as outlined below.

|| General Requirements ||
|| Mathematics Requirements | General Business Core ||
|| Program Requirements ||
|| Basic IS | Electives ||
General Requirements
All students must meet course requirements in mathematics, general business and IS. Students must complete a minimum of 30 credit hours beyond the general business core. Students with a B.S.B.A. with an emphasis in IS or a B.S. in IS from an AACSB  accredited institution may, at the student's discretion, substitute two electives for Inf Sys 5800 and Inf Sys 6805. Other courses may be waived with appropriate undergraduate course work.
Students are required to complete the equivalent of Economics 4105, "Quantitative Methods in Modeling in Economics, Business and the Social Sciences," and LOM 5300, "Statistical Analysis for Management Decisions," with a grade of C or better. Graduate credit is not given for these courses, but they may be waived with appropriate undergraduate course work.
General Business Core
Students must have a B.S. in MIS, B.S. in IS, or a B.S.B.A. with an emphasis in IS that requires a managerial communication course, -or- course work equivalent to BA 5100 (Managerial Communication) and at least five of the following courses:
BA 5900: Law, Ethics, and Business
Acctng 5400: Financial and Managerial Accounting .
Finance 6500: Financial Management
Mgmt 5600: Organizational Behavior and Administrative Processes
Mktg 5700: Contemporary Marketing Concepts
LOM 5320: Production and Operations Management
BA 6990: Strategy Formulation and Implementation

Program Requirements (Bulletin)

A. Basic IS Courses 15 credit hours (please refer to the Bulletin for a description of the courses)
Inf Sys 5800: Management Information Systems
Inf Sys 6805: Applications of Programming for Business Solutions
Inf Sys 6840: Information Systems Analysis
Inf Sys 6845: Database Management Systems
Inf Sys 6850: Information Systems Design
B. IS Electives 15 credit hours (please refer to the Bulletin for a description of the courses)
Inf Sys 6806: Managerial Applications Of Object-Oriented Technologies
Inf Sys 6807: Business Programming And File Systems
Inf Sys 6808: Advanced Object-Oriented Programming For Business
Inf Sys 6828: Principles of Information Security
Inf Sys 6832: Information Systems Strategy
Inf Sys 6833: Decision Support Systems for Business Intelligence
Inf Sys 6836: Management of Data Networks and Security
Inf Sys 6837: Information Systems Architecture
Inf Sys 6838: Business Processes: Design, Management, and Integration
Inf Sys 6846: Management Of Global Sourcing
Inf Sys 6847: Project Management
Inf Sys 6848: Knowledge Management And Business Intelligence
Inf Sys 6849: Data Warehouse Design and Implementation
Inf Sys 6851: Practicum in Business Intelligence
Inf Sys 6858: Advanced Cybersecurity Concepts
Inf Sys 6860: Data Integration
Inf Sys 6868: Software Assurance
Inf Sys 6878: Management of Information Security
Inf Sys 6881: Management of Transnational Information Systems
Inf Sys 6891: Seminar In Management Information Systems
Inf Sys 5890: Internship in Information Systems
Inf Sys 5899: Individual Research in Information Systems
A maximum of 2 courses outside IS
By choosing appropriate electives, students can earn either the Graduate Certificate in Business Intelligence or the Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity simultaneously with the MSIS.
NOTE: Courses outside the College of Business must be approved by the IS Department Chair.