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Why Attend UMSL?
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B.S. in IS

M.S. in IS
videos about information systems
If you are considering our IS program, you might be asking these questions:
. Why should I pursue Information Systems as my major?
    . IT Employment Prospects
    . ACM's top 10 reasons to major in computing
    . AIS Student Brochure
    . The Image of Computing
    . YouTube video, On Girls, Boys, and IT Careers
. I am confused. What is the difference between Information Systems and Computer Science?
. What else do I need to know about careers in computing?
. How are IS Career likely to change during my career?
.  What is the history of the career path?
If you think you might want to attend UMSL, you might want to know:
. What is the mission of the IS program?
. Why should I attend UMSL?
. Do you have a tour of the campus?
. Where is the campus, and where are the facilities on campus?
. I am an honors student. Do you have any special programs for me?
. What other degree programs do you have?
. How do I request more Information?
. Can I see the campus Bulletin?
. I am an undergraduate student. How do I apply?
. I am a graduate student. How do I apply?
. I am a graduate student. How do I learn more about and study for the GMAT? 
. I am an international student. What do I need to know?
. I need financial aid. What is available and how do I apply?
. What courses are available next semester?
. Where is the campus Bulletin?
. Can I register online
. Is there a new student orientation program?
. What is the campus like?
. What are my campus housing options?
. What kind of recreational sports are available?
. What kinds of clubs and activities are available?
. What kinds of activities for Information Systems students are available?
. What is happening on campus?

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