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Microsoft Software

UMSL Information Students are eligible to obtain copies of Microsoft software (except the Microsoft Office suite) for free subject to the following.
1. Your rights. You may use this copy to install the software on your computer. You may use that software in your coursework, in academic projects, in non-commercial research and/or to design, develop, test, and demonstrate software programs for the above purposes.
2. Restrictions. You may not use the software for commercial purposes or to develop and maintain your own administrative or IT systems. In addition, you must remove the software from your computer in the event that you transfer it to a third party. Finally, you may not make copies of this software or share the software with any other individuals.

To obtain the software, log into the MSDN network at https://umsl.onthehub.com.

If you are a "known" Information Systems student, you are already signed up. Your login id is "sso@umsl.edu" (where, sso is, of course, your single sign on, also known as your gateway id). Your password was already sent to your campus email account. If you ignored that email, then use the "I forgot my password" option.

If you have never taken an advanced Information Systems course (and therefore are not "known"), you may request access by sending an email to the department (information_systems AT umsl.edu), and requesting it.

If you need to obtain product codes (this is not true for all products), you may send email to the department (information_systems AT umsl.edu). Be sure to specify the product you request in that email as well as your name and email address.