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Web Development Corps

The concept of the Web Development Corps was born at a College of Business Technology Committee meeting. Prior to the meeting, the Faculty became aware of students' desire to obtain legitimate experience in Web Technologies that could be referenced on a resume. When the issue of support for Faculty members(who were interested in having a web presence, but who did not have the technological capability and/or time to create it) was discussed, an idea was born.

The idea was to take advantage of the symbiotic needs of the two groups. So the Web Development Corps was founded. The founding goal was to promote integration of web tools beyond the IS Curriculum -- both for the Faculty who benefit by getting a web presence, and for the Students who benefit from the hands-on experience.

We are still finding our way, but projects have been started. The goal is to match the needs of the project with the capabilities of the student, while allowing for growth, development, and nurturing of the students along the way.

Most of the projects are completed on a strictly volunteer basis. We envision a time when some projects might be large enough or complex enough for some kind of credit. We hope that those units that can financially support the project will do so. In the future, we hope to provide training and other opportunities for our Corps Volunteers.

If you are interested in joining the volunteer corps, please complete the application form. If you have a project, let us know by completing the handy project form, or sending us email.