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Why Should I get an IS Degree at UMSL?

Program Philosophy

Why Should I get an IS Degree
at UMSL?
UMSL Advantages
  • Class sizes are small. Only 3% of our courses have more than 50 students enrolled, and 60% have 35 or fewer students
  • Academic advisors are experienced. All of our full-time advisors have assisted Business Administration students for 10 years or more.
  • Faculty members are nationally recognized. They don't just report how things are done, they create the way things are done.
  • The Advanced IS Student Laboratory is available exclusively for students in advanced IS courses. It provides students with access to the latest hardware and software and allows students to network with each other to learn more about the field, and more about being successful at UMSL.
  • Most IS classes are taught in advanced technology classrooms, which provide a computer for each student thereby allowing extensive hands-on-work during the class period.
  • The IS Area maintains electronic discussion groups for graduate and undergraduate students to facilitate students' discussion of issues of mutual interest with fellow students. They are also used to distribute announcements about employment opportunities, scholarships, curriculum changes and IS developments.
  • The IS department continues to forge strong relationships with the St. Louis business community. They have an active advisory board with representatives of some of the leading companies in the metropolitan area. The Mentoring Program brings students together with working professionals who assist them with everything from career planning to tips on computer programs. These mentors work at a variety of companies in the metropolitan area. The Advanced IS Student Laboratory is supported exclusively by corporate gifts.

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