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The Information Systems Degree prepares students for technical and managerial careers incorporating leading edge technologies in public and private organizations. It builds on the core of the business program to prepare students for the social and technical design, development, and implementation of state-of-the-art, computer-based, telecommunications and multimedia systems.


At the undergraduate level, we offer a B.S. in IS and a minor in IS. Many of the students pursue minors in other areas of Business Administration (especially in Logistics and Operations Management), and in Computer Science. At thegraduate level, we offer an M.S. in IS, as well as 18-hour graduate certificates. For more information about the program, please view our IS Curriculum Page

Of course, we also provide IS opportunities for students in the School of Business Administration who are not majoring in IS. These students might be interested in Why Should MBA Students Study IS?

Students interested in the difference between a program in IS and one in Computer Science should view our Careers in IS and Computer Science page, or the paper, "From Ugly Duckling to Swan: Reconceptualizing Information Systems as a Field of the Discipline Informing Science." Finally, more information is available on our Employment Opportunities Page.