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Alan Shenberg

Alan Shenberg Retired from
The Boeing Company
B.S.B.A. with an emphasis in MIS, 1999
MS in MIS, 2004
We sat down with Alan and asked him some questions.
  • Why did you decide to come to UMSL?
  •        Close to where I live, reasonable tuition, and accepted credits from St Louis Community College.
  • Why did you pursue a career in information systems?
  •        Update my skills to qualify for better positions.
  • What college classes did you find most useful to your career?
  •        No specific classes, the learning, team work, and research all assisted me with my career.
  • If you were in college today, what courses would you take?
  •        Project management course.
  • How did you continue your education after your first degree?
  •        Took a year off, then returned for a MS degree. I have also taken classes to upgrade my skills.
  • How did you find your first job?
  •        My mentor was also a recruiter for Boeing, and through a Job Fair at UMSL he got me 2 interviews at Boeing.
  • In what non-academic activities did you participate in college that you would recommend to others (and why)?
  •        None. I was a night student working full time. Upon graduation, I have been tutoring innercity school children through the alumni association.
  • How would you change your career if you had it to do all over again?
  •        I am happy where I am today and do not think that I would change it, but ask me that question after January 31, 2009 and I will let you know if I still have a job with
  • What advice would you give to someone just starting in the field?
  •        Keep your skills, take classes, look for how to automate processes and simplify tasks. By doing these things, you can make yourself invaluable.
  • Look into your crystal ball. What do you see changing in the IS field in the future?
  •        More jobs going overseas because most IT work can be done from remote locations. We will tell our great grandchildren that we walked 1/4 mile across the parking lot and had to get dressed to go to work.
    If you would like to ask Alan a question, you can email him at Alan.H.Shenberg at

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