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Joseph Rottman

Joe Rottman Associate Professor of Information Systems
University of Missouri - St. Louis

Joe earned a BSBA from UMSL in 1992 and an MS in MIS in 1995. In addition, he earned a Doctor of Science in 2002 from Washington University in St. Louis

We sat down with Joe and asked him some questions.
  • Why did you decide to come to UMSL?
           My father passed away and I could no longer afford to go to school away from home.
  • Why did you pursue a career in information systems?
           The computer lab at Mizzou was next to the typewriters - poked my head inside and saw the Macintoshes. I was hooked from that second forward.
  • What college classes did you find most useful to your career?
           Systems Design: I think that is why I like teaching it so much!
  • If you were in college today, what courses would you take?
           As much writing and oral presentation classes I could take. In addition to any class that makes me code - - A lot!
  • How did you continue your education after your first degree?
           After my bachelors degree, I worked in collections for a finance company and really did not like repossessing water beds, so I went back for an MBA. Decided to take a couple of extra classes and got the MSIS.
  • How did you find your first job?
           My first job was selling ice cream in the mall. My friends dad owned it and I started on my 16th birthday.
  • In what non-academic activities did you participate in college that you would recommend to others (and why)?
           I worked full time for all of my degrees - so I did not do much. I did participate in a lot of theatre and that really helped my presentation skills. Once you stand on stage in bright yellow tights for a Shakespeare play - nothing scares you.
  • How would you change your career if you had it to do all over again?
           Not one little thing. I am very fortunate to have landed in a teaching position in IT. I could not have planned it any better.
  • What advice would you give to someone just starting in the field?
           Concentrate on knowing how your roles/projects etc. impact the company. What is your value - add. If you maximize this, you will go far.
  • Look into your crystal ball. What do you see changing in the IS field in the future?
           SaaS: Software as a service will greatly change everything. Why buy and manage when you can rent?
  • If you would like to ask Joe a question, you can email him at rottman at

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